Insights: steps for success


About the workshop

Have you ever felt something was holding you back? That the ‘best you’ was hidden from view and your potential limited by lack of courage?

This 1 day workshop will give you the space to connect with your most valued strengths and enable you to rediscover your inner confidence.

With the right blend of friendly and challenging, you’ll be able to explore the ‘stories we tell ourselves’ and create a personal narrative which enables you to be brave, resilient and to reach your potential.

‘As we let our own light shine, we…give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others’.


What others say

“You were the right blend of friendly and challenging, and I felt more comfortable for it 😉 “

“I could see solutions and ‘reality’ for others, which inevitably meant that there must be solutions and reality for me, away from the messages those damn demons on my shoulders keep feeding me!”

“The biggest strength is that you didn’t try to cram in too much. It’s easy to understand an issue intellectually… and having plenty of time for exercises and discussion was really key to engaging emotionally with the content.”

“I loved the location and the laid back approach in the comfy chairs. I was a bit surprised at first but it really worked for this type of workshop.”

Who should attend?

• Anyone who would like to be more confident at work or in their personal life.

What will you take away?

• Strategies to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones and maximise personal potential

• An increased focus on personal strengths and the courage to use them at work and at home

• Increased resilience and personal effectiveness

• Strategies to access your inner confidence when you need it most

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