An Autumn Rural Retreat

September is a wonderful time for a rural retreat! This year, in collaboration with Helen Roscoe in the beautiful setting of Forrest Hills near Lancaster, I provided my first retreat for coaches and facilitators. The feedback has been awesome and humbling and we are already planning more retreats for next Spring. Do get in touch if you would like me to send you more information.


We explored how coaching outdoors and inviting the environment in brings greater connection, not only with our clients but with ourselves. When we are a-tuned and aware, mentally, emotionally and physically, we are at our best. Helen invited us to move freely and with an open heart and mind. She also took these amazing photographs!


We used constellation maps to explore our place in the environment, changing perspectives and placing ourselves decisively. We worked systemically, inside and out.

And we drew on the wealth of metaphor present in and stimulated by the outdoors to be creative and deepen our understanding.


The C-MAPS model gave us a framework for our 2 days. You can read more about the approach here.


We created space and really tuned in to ourselves, others and the systems around us. We worked with our heads, our hearts, our gut and our breath. We slowed down. We connected. We brought poetry and music and we listened well. We left feeling fulfilled, excited and refreshed, with new and emerging knowledge.



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