Slow down. Replenish. Breathe.

Yoga and Coaching as Integral

Finding the time and the spacesunlight leaves sky to unwind, to reflect and to take care of ourselves is not always our first priority. Yet we all know how important it is for our well being, our productivity, our ideas. These days, yoga provides me with the space to let go of what’s unhelpful and embrace what is nourishing. Through my practice, I’ve come to recognise the alignment of coaching and yoga and the transformation that brings. I’d like to share a little of that with you here.

It happened firstly through the language my teacher uses – noticing, curiosity, slowly, kindness, systems – all words I might use in my coaching practice. My curiosity was piqued. I tuned-in and started to make the connections.

Much of my coaching takes place outdoors. It’s a great opportunity for clients to connect in a sensory way through their environment to their goals, the things which may get in the way and their own knowledge of what’s true – and right for them at that time. We have too often lost connection with our embodied sense of a situation and prioritise and primarily honour our mental intelligence. Yet the wealth of knowledge and deep understanding which comes from slowing down, tuning in and really listening to our whole selves is what will ultimately help us find the right path and help keep us well. This is a belief I take into my coaching and of course is true for yoga. More synergies. More connections.

I’ve been taking a somatic approach to coaching for the last couple of years – walking outdoors with clients, moving into different spaces to discover new perceptions, exploring ‘clean space’ and the abundant metaphors which emerge from our surroundings; another connection to my yoga practice – the breath, the mind, the body. Helen, my wonderful teacher and I began to connect outside of the classes. The explore. To create. To fuse. I am learning so much and the possibilities are exciting and infinite. We are Integral: necessary to make the whole complete.


So, to celebrate the longest day of the year, my yoga teacher Helen Roscoe and I have joined forces and would like to invite you to join us at Reuben’s Retreat for a day just for you. Slow down. Replenish. Explore. Breathe.

Our experiential workshop is an invitation to explore nourishing yoga and coaching practices which will honour our inter-connectedness to nature, the sun and ourselves.

We will hold a safe space within which we will encourage an open dialogue between our body, breath and mind. We will explore ancient practices brought into the modern light, to refine our perceptions and enjoy a space from the inside and out. Enjoy this day alongside like minded friends and colleagues or see it as an opportunity for you to connect to your true nature.

What to expect:

  • Mindful, creative movement
  • Mindful wanderings around Howard Park
  • Guided breath-centred practices
  • Sensory based explorations
  • Integral coaching ideas – knowing and finding what we need
  • Meditation and relaxation

laughter Helen and Claire Includes light refreshments and support materials. Should you require a yoga mat, please let us know. Please bring a packed lunch.

You can book either through the eventbrite link or directly with us. We’d love to see you there!

Creativity and Connection: a 1-day workshop in April 2019

About the workshop

laughter Helen and Claire

This accessible one day workshop is for coaches, health professionals, trainers and pracititioners as well as anyone wishing to explore their own creativity and how they can hold a creative and meaningful space with others.

Through coaching and creative movement, we consider:

  • What we know about our own creativity; cognitively, emotionally and somatically.
  • What creativity means to us and what might get in the way of us accessing it.
  • How we can co-create and hold a space with others to enable meaningful connection and discovery.
  • The language of our creativity; the creative state.

“Creativity is not just about bringing something new into being (‘creating other’); it is about ‘becoming other’ (Jen Gash)

What to expect:

  • A safe, inclusive and playful space
  • Connection and coaching
  • Creative movement
  • Explorations of art
  • Breath centred practices
  • Opportunities to write, draw and create
  • Guided mindfulness

This workshop is open to all regardless of experience. You can book your place here.


Includes resources, art materials and light refreshments (there are many amazing places nearby for lunch or you may wish to bring your own).


If you would like us to issue an invoice to you for this event instead of booking through eventbrite, please contact us with a related Purchase Order number. Thank you. Claire and Helen.