5 Ways to Build Resilience and Why It Matters

resilience flowerHave you ever had something difficult to manage – a tricky relationship or a sticky negotiation? Or have you handled a significant change such as a bereavement or redundancy? If you have, you’ll know there are times when the challenges we face can feel overwhelming and insurmountable.

You’ll also know that sometimes we feel like we could take on the world unscathed regardless of how little sleep we’ve had or how our boss treated us this morning.

So what is it that makes us feel like we could take on the world one week and dissolve into a pool of despair the next?

Well, resilience is what enables us to cope with the things life throws at us. It is our capacity to maintain high levels of performance and positive well-being, even when the chips are down. Building resilience can improve our health and well-being and have a positive impact on our relationships. It can enable us to do a good job, to make good decisions and to live a life true to ourselves. And the fantastic news is that while resilience is partly attributable to our personality, it is also a skill which can be learned and developed. So, with just a few simple techniques, we can all influence how easily we recover from difficulties or misfortune.

5 Tips for Building Resilience

1. Finding a resilient role model can help us understand how to deal with difficult situations. Who do you know who is resilient? Can you identify their characteristics? Are there patterns of behaviour or thought you could emulate? Could you consult with them if needed?

2. Become aware of your strong sense of purpose and use it to help you make decisions. Think about the things which drive you, the things you’d be prepared to take a stand on. What’s most important to you?

3. Recognise and use your strengths every day. Strengths could be skills or qualities or part of your overall personality.  Notice what you’re good at and what you’re recognised for and find opportunities to do more of it.

4. Try new things and seek out opportunities to learn. Resilient people stretch their comfort zone regularly so when a really difficult situation arises, they are well practiced to deal with it.

5. Think positive! Our beliefs and values drive our behaviour. Challenging the beliefs which drive our negative actions can build our resilience and improve our well-being.

Working with others to build resilience is a fun and creative way to embed positive steps into our lives for the long term. For more information, please contact me: clairembradshaw@yahoo.co.uk

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